WE can help you explore the many ways drones can assist in the management of your warehouse inventory

Drones are rapidly changing the way warehouses, distribution centres and logistics operators are conducting their operations. From stock taking, to space optimisation and maintenance inspections, right through to security, drones provide a raft of innovative ways for businesses to work smarter, faster and safer.

“We recently collaborated with a client and their external auditors, providing an independent physical stock take capability across their multi-site distribution warehouses. The drone and end-to-end process provided significant time savings, data integrity, minimised business disruption and ensured social distancing during COVID-19. What was historically a three day exercise performing physical counts at the largest site took the drone several hours, with recorded footage for investigation and assurance purposes. The external auditors were able to use this capability to perform their work remotely, via a secure link to their office computers.”
-Nik Popovski

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