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Sporting Analytics
Often what separates good players from the truly great ones is vision; the ability to see things that others can’t, an ability to read the flow of play and make decisions accordingly.

Increasingly drone technology is providing coaches, players and training staff a new way to see how a game unfolds identifying attacking opportunities and defensive weaknesses. Football teams are using drones to record games and training sessions and employing sophisticated tools to analyse this footage, which is then readily available via computers, tablets and smartphones. This technology is giving teams an advantage in understanding stoppages, structures, ball movement and zoning.

Event safety and security
Providing a safe and cost-effective ‘eye in the sky’, drones have become instrumental in carrying out both safety and security objectives and major events.

Not solely confined to carrying out surveillance while events are taking place, drones also play a valuable role in health and safety planning. This can involve undertaking initial security risk assessment as well as developing security infrastructure solutions. Areas covered can include general security (such as vehicle access), landscapes, fire evacuation procedure, and the adaptation of the original building design.

The use of drones to monitor crowd behaviour allows those responsible for event safety and security to delegate personnel with more efficiency and authority.

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