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We utilise the latest in drone and image capture technology to provide a safe and cost-effective asset inspection service. As a risk management organisation SureFact Aerial understands the benefits of using this technology to assess tall structures, inaccessible assets and infrastructure otherwise difficult to access by traditional methods that rely on rope access or elevated work platforms.

Utilising ultra-high resolution 4K cameras our drones can capture detailed imagery of assets. This allows for the identification of structural abnormalities and gives a comprehensive overview of the structure’s condition.

As this data is easily stored it can be used to build up a picture of how assets are ageing over the years. This data is also useful in taking advantage of recent advances in the fields of machine learning and predictive analytics.

As drones are cost-effective, assets can be inspected more frequently. This means asset managers can be more proactive and address maintenance issues before they arise, rather than managing the fallout when things go wrong.


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