More easily perform monitoring tasks and reduce the requirement for foot patrols

Drones represent a unique and highly effective means of monitoring and protecting assets. Capable of rapid deployment, drones provide almost instantaneous ‘eyes on’ a target. Through the use of active waypoint tracking through target paramaters, such as thermal signatures, footage is fed back to a central control station in realtime.

Drones also offer the ability to collect imagery for reconnaissance and realtime situation awareness. This allows ground force units to ascertain and monitor threats from a safe distance.
The use of drones in perimeter security reduces the requirement for foot patrols by security guards and provides additional oversight when security guards are deployed, ensuring their adherence to patrolling routines.

Small and manoeuvrable, drones allow ground security teams to more easily perform monitoring tasks. They also have an advantage over stationary cameras in that intruders cannot easily step out of sight, and can cover areas that are normally out of reach.


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