In October of last year Surefact Aerial national operations manager Nik Popovski was interviewed for an article in FM (Facility Management) Magazine. The piece takes a deep-dive into the myriad ways in which drone technology is being deployed to make life easier for facility managers and Nik provides some insight on future advancements in the sector.

“Considering current advancements in drone technology, I believe autonomous drones will conduct roof inspections in the near future. A drone will be based at a client’s site, standing by in secure weatherproof housing. At an allocated time, it will take off, follow a pre-planned flight path over the site and record each flight. The drone will then return to its housing and automatically recharge, ready for its next scheduled flight. Artificial Intelligence will enable it to identify changes in the conditions of the site during each flight. I can see this being the future of roofing inspection, particularly for large sites such as solar farms.”

Follow the link to FM Magazine to find out how drones are helping facility managers work safer, faster and more cost-effectively.

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