We're helping utility providers quickly locate and monitor their assets

Drone technology has profound implications for governments, councils and businesses involved in the management and provision of essential utilities, such as electricity, gas, water and sewerage.

We deploy our drones to save local authorities and utility providers time and money locating and monitoring assets. Our capabilities allow our clients in the utilities sector to understand and monitor their assets via an online portal so they can allocate more time and resources to problem resolution.

Our ability to provide safe, efficient and cost-effective aerial surveying and inspection means we can provide a detailed asset register and spatial database to utilities providers as well as data to improve efficiencies and safety of infrastructure.

Solar & Thermal Imaging
Solar is now growing faster than any other form of renewable power generation and, as the cost of panels come down and the the need for greener energy becomes more apparent, it’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing.

At Surefact Aerial, we understand the importance of solar to Australia’s energy mix and pride ourselves on offering a number of services to the industry that help generators run their operations more smoothly and cost-effectively.

Solar panels require regular maintenance to keep them both free of dust and dirt and to identify poorly performing or damaged panels. This is where we come in.

Drones are particularly useful in identifying problems with panels and can do so in much less time than conventional ground-based inspections.

Also, through the use of thermal imaging cameras, drones can detect drops in energy production and reduce the likelihood of fire damage.


Asset Inspections

Safely capture detailed imagery of your assets

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Mapping & Surveying

Capture millions of data points to create detailed 2D and 3D models

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Building Inspections

A safe and cost-effective alternative to conventional methods

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