We're helping the mining industry reduce surveying costs

Compared to ground-based GPS surveying methods, drones present a safer and more accurate method for determining stockpile volumes.

Working from a safe location, our drone pilots can survey larger areas than terrestrial surveyors, significantly reducing time and costs. Using cutting-edge data capture technology drones can be used to easily build both two- and three-dimensional models of stockpiles and other operational areas that need to be mapped and monitored.

Captured data is then easily shared and annotated digitally using a regular browser on any internet enabled device. This ability to easily share, comment on, and store data means all stakeholders can be involved in all stages of assessing, planning and monitoring onsite activities.


Asset Inspections

Safely capture detailed imagery of your assets

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Mapping & Surveying

Capture millions of data points to create detailed 2D and 3D models

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Aerial Security

Get eyes-on a target with almost instant deployment

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