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Throughout a building’s design, construction and lifetime, drone technology can provide solutions that create efficiencies and the scope for entirely new ways of working

Our team works with stakeholders in all aspects of design, construction, management and maintenance: from engineers and project managers to facilities managers and maintenance staff.

Drone technology allows us to monitor construction progress and OH&S compliance to ensure building runs to plan and adheres to prescribed regulations. Using drones fitted with the latest imaging technology,  we can capture highly-detailed data to monitor and measure change. This allows for more precise decision making.

Drones are also invaluable in helping facilities managers monitor the performance of their building(s) as well as carry out regular inspections to identify and remedy potential issues before they become problematic and costly to fix.


Asset Inspections

Safely capture detailed imagery of your assets

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Mapping & Surveying

Capture millions of data points to create detailed 2D and 3D models

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Building Inspections

A safe and cost-effective alternative to conventional methods

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