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Our Story

Surefact Aerial has grown out of Surefact Australia’s core business operations in risk management. Actively identifying and minimising danger to ensure a safe environment is at the heart of what we do. Early in the piece, we identified the ways in which drones equipped with high-resolution still and video cameras opened up a world of new possibilities to do things faster, safer and more cost-effectively. Seeing this first hand, we soon came to the realisation this technology can benefit businesses in a range of distinct industries.

“SureFact Australia takes safety seriously. The safety of any human is paramount and our drones are now the future in safety.”

Surefact Aerial has grown rapidly; testament to both the many advantages drones offer forward-thinking companies and the passion and experience of our team. We are excited by the potential drones offer to help our clients work in safer and more efficient ways and we love to share our knowledge of both drone technology and the benefits it can offer.

SureFact Australia – Aerial Division is licensed with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and operates within the various legislations and regulations relating to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. SureFact Australia is fully insured and accredited.
We have locations in every Australian state.


Nik Popovski

Chief operations manager

About Nik

Nik Popovski, Surefact Australia’s Aerial Division Operations Manager and Chief Pilot has demonstrated a profound knowledge and understanding of the capabilities of this technology and its uses. Nik’s strengths are in piloting and capturing imagery that cannot be seen from the ground.As National Operations Manager and Chief Pilot of SureFact Australia’s Aerial Division, Nik has brought a personalised business service to our exciting venture, with the customer’s goals and objectives as his number one priority. Nik also holds a CASA Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)

Patrick Henderson


About Patrick

As a Director of the Company Patrick is responsible for delivering and implementing our policies and procedures to ensure SureFact is providing its Service deliverables whilst providing high quality outcomes in a timely and efficient manner ensuring optimal customer satisfaction. Patrick holds a CASA Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) Patrick also holds a Diploma of Security and Risk Management, Diploma of Government Fraud Control, Diploma of Workplace Health and Safety and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Paul York


About Paul

As a Director of the company Paul is responsible for its overall day to day function, including corporate governance, account management, marketing and advertising. Paul holds an Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Police Investigation), Diploma of Security and Risk Management, Diploma of Government Fraud Control, Diploma of Government Investigation and a Diploma of Work Health and Safety.Paul has 20 years’ experience working in both public and private sector in law enforcement and security risk management. Paul embraced this technology and sees the value in reducing your liability by using drones as a cost-effective solution without risk, to achieve great outcomes.

Victorian Plumbing Licence – 18204.